About Us

Discover what Tomorrows Technology means for Leaders Today.

How can we be sure our organizations, businesses, and governments are ready to integrate the latest innovations—while also being alert to the new challenges and opportunities that they bring?

Future of Technology Summits, Inc (FoTS) is a minority woman owned small business specializing in IT management training for IT and non-IT executives, Business process management and IT infrastructure support services.

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Technology evolves at a rapid speed in our hyper-connected world.

At the Future of Technology Summit, you’ll gain insights from the best in the business—trailblazing pioneers who have capitalized big on predicting tech trends. Together with leaders from across public and private sectors, we’ll explore how technology is on track to fundamentally change what our work looks like in the next 5-10 years, and what decision makers must do now to be prepared.

Bringing thought leadership to influential cities around the world

The most innovative and intuitive leaders of today and tomorrow will help us explore the benefits—and challenges—of integrating some of today’s most exciting technical advancements in our companies, industries, economies and our personal lives. Whether you are a lover of technology, all out accepting and absorbing all things new and innovative or if you a cautious skeptic always thinking of a practical balance that these fast-changing technologies should bring, based on principles and ethics, you’ll find the speakers’ candid approach on topics like AI, machine learning, the Internet of Things, and other headline trends to be refreshing.

Bringing innovators, investors, decision makers and consumers together around future technologies

The Future of Technology Summit aims to bring innovators, investors, decision makers and consumers together to understand and discuss the ground-breaking future technologies, expand opportunities, build new relationships, find business partners, get capital and more.

Build an enduring partnership between the autism community and tech leadership

The organizers of the Future of Technology Summit have resolved to create a bridge between the autism community and technology leadership to jointly identify challenges to help improve the lives of people with autism around the world for a better future together.